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When You Are Consulting Your Divorce Attorney

Expertise is power. Routine assessments with a few different lawyers who are experienced in all facets New york city separation and household law to explore techniques for your divorce case. Present your case to numerous divorce lawyers to get a variety of opinions and mindsets before you select the one you wish.

1. Bring records
It is beneficial to bring financial records and records for the divorce lawyer to assess throughout the preliminary consultation. Include as numerous of the following papers as possible:.

  • current pay stubs.
  • tax returns for the past three to 5 years.
  • bank statements and bank card statements for the past three to 5 years.
  • pension plan and any other retirement and work advantages both you and your partner are entitled to get, including year end incentives, health insurance and life insurance.
  • copies of deeds to real estate and declarations of any sort of home mortgages or equity loans that are due.

2. Don’t sign any type of papers.
Do not sign any sort of files, agreements, promissory notes, deeds, home mortgages, etc. if your partner requests you to do so. The consequences of signing any type of files or papers might be irreparable and very prejudicial to your legal and monetary rights upon a separation in New York.

3. Don’t vacate your marital residence.
Do stagnate from the marital home without first discussing it with your divorce lawyer.

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