Powers Law, P.C.

Client Testimonials

“I had to hire Mr. Powers several times on criminal matters and dwi case in which we went to jury trial and won. He is fair and up front regarding your case and he tells your the truth. I’ve known john for over 15 years and always treated me with upmost respect, being an African American male I knew deep down in my heart and soul he cared about my well being. He put time blood, sweat and tears into all my cases. He’s honest, family man and has great values and that what u want in an attorney!! If u want a great lawyer he’s the man for the job.”

Dave B.

“I got a DWI after a long night out last summer. It was a stupid mistake for me to drive. But I hired John to represent me in the case and he got me the results that I needed at a reasonable price. Thanks John!”

A DWI Client

“My case took 8 years and John did a wonderful job getting a very serious charge dropped to a disorderly conduct.

When this case was done in the court, I was now faced with getting my job back, I had a union lawyer to do this however I asked John if he would be there since he knew this case so well and he did at no charge.

I cannot thank this man enough for all he has done, I consider him a friend and I would recommend John Powers if ever in the need for a criminal lawyer.”


“I am a professional driver for a living and received dwi , John and I discussed certain terms I needed . For one instance no probation and no hidden costs if the case would drag on . Well John stuck to his word and was pleased by the outcome and no probation, he has great connections and uses them to the best interest of his clients. I highly recommend him.”


“I drive professionally for a living for a shipping company that has zero tolerance when it comes to traffic violations. I explained this to Mr. Powers and said that the smallest charge on my driver abstract could cost me my position. I have dealt with a couple lawyers in the past and thought I was going to get the typical run around from him and the cookie cutter responses and results. He gave me his word that he would do his best to get the results I needed even though I already has a few violations on my record. He fought and fought and eventually came through for me in a huge way. I am very pleased with all the work he did for me and would recommend him highly. Thanks again”


“John Powers took my DWI case and got me the results i needed! He was very professional and helped me through the whole process and in the end got me the results i walked away with no criminal charges against me. John is a great lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone!”


“Ms Lippmann represented me on a child support matter in which the court was seeking jail time. She was very upfront on the positive and negative regarding my case. Even as my attorney and it was my fault I was behind, she shared with me a positive life lesson on how it important to be responsible for my child’s needs, not only was she my attorney she always cared for the well-being of my child in which she never met. I recommend her highly because she trust worthy and she will represent you 100%. You want someone that knows the laws that her!!!!”

A Satisfied Client

“Ms. Lippmann had represented me in a V-Docket case of custody pertaining to my children in 2013. At that time in my life I was not in a very good place.

I had been struggling with addiction and could not seem to understand with all my efforts how I could continued to end up right back where I started.

Since signing the v-docket custody papers in 2013 I still had faith that one day it would come to be that I would be able to apply for my custody. However my recovery had to come first. It is with great pleasure to share I live in a 12 Step program of recovery and do not need to be ashamed of that anymore. I have worked on my shame and guilt that comes along with addiction. I turn my will over to God on a daily basis.

So the day came… the day of filing my petitions. Upon filing my petitions in 2015 Ms. Lippmann was appointed to represent me. I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of her time, dedication and efforts.

I have since then been granted unsupervised visits. Although I am powerless of the overall outcome of the custody I am very grateful to have Ms. Lippmann stand beside me through this process.

Ms. Lippmann possesses herself to be reliable, responsible & dedicated, to all areas of what is needed for representation. I will be forever grateful to her for her time in defending me to be reunited with my children.”


“After sitting down for a consultation with Jennifer, I was expecting competent legal advice and a strong advocate throughout the legal process. But from the moment I retained her, she exceeded my expectations by taking the time to listen, learn what outcomes were most important to me, and share her experience, insights and knowledge of the SC family court system to come up with a strategy and plan that was responsive to my needs as well as the legal realities of the situation. She helped me decide which battles to fight and which would just waste my time, emotional energy and financial resources. The end result is that the matter was resolved with a lot less time, cost, stress and compromise than what I would have expected in even the best case scenario.

Of course I can’t forget to mention that her staff was also extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive!”


“I found Jennifer when I was desperate. I had struggled in a difficult case nearly 8 years. She was an angel sent to me. She kept we well informed, gave me excellent advice and pulled no punches. Whether I wanted to hear it or not she told me the facts. She did not drag the case out as so many other lawyers may to boost their wages. She gave me the best advice even if it did not cause her monetary gain. She has a trustworthy and kind way about her, and she did not charge outrageous fees. I am proud to advocate for her services. Jennifer is an outstanding lawyer.”


“Jennifer S.Lippmann is an excellent trial attorney. She spends many hours in the court room and I was able to benefit from her experience. I was the respondent to a child support hearing where the petitioner was requesting unreasonable demands. Jennifer’s knowledge of the law, case law and her diligence in the court room resulted in a decision that I felt was fair. There are many careless attorney’s that allow the system to impose unjust decisions, Jennifer Lippmann is not one of them. I’m grateful for her diligence and highly recommend her.”


“Very happy to be represented by John! His knowledge and persistence was powerful in a complicated case involving criminal, civil and immigration issues. He is easy to work with and has a large network.”

A Satisfied Client

“I have known John Powers personally and professionally for over 15 years. He is a very hard working and skilled litigator. His preparation is tireless and his character is solid. He is also held in very high esteem by judges and DAs in Suffolk and Nassau Counties.”


“John Powers is highly knowledgeable in the field of criminal law. If I ever had a problem, he is the first person I would call.”

Joe M.