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Powers Law Covid-19 Update

Dear Valued Client:

At Powers Law, we’re working to keep our clients safe and informed about the status of our operations and all court matters. We know that in these times of uncertainty it’s important to focus on family and health. That is why we wish to let you know that all non-essential court appearances will be waived by all Courts for at least the next 45 days. Most government agencies are not currently staffed or are not taking calls directly.

In light of the Shelter in Place Order issued by the Governor, our physical office will remain closed until further notice. We will, however, remain operational. Our intent is to handle any and all calls remotely as we work off-site. We request that if you need to contact us please call or email at JTPowerslaw@gmail.com.

The latest news from the New York State Court Administration is that:

All calendared criminal matters will be adjourned by the court for at least 45 days and new court dates will be made available as they are issued.

Family Court and Supreme Court non-emergency matters will be adjourned by the Court, new dates will be given at a later time. Only emergency applications will be heard by the Court.

All criminal court matters in Village or Town Courts will be heard at the First District Court until further notice.

All in-custody arraignments will be done electronically. Because of this arrangement, it is important that someone close to the accused be in contact with an attorney to go over bail options and background issues so the Court will have the proper information to secure release.

All out of custody arraignments will be adjourned by the Court and appearances are not permitted.

Currently, all traffic courts are closed. All traffic court matters will be given new court dates as soon as the courts re-open.

Because these are uncertain times and the information coming from our Courts is updated daily, everything is subject to change. We promise to keep everyone well informed as the situation evolves. If you haven’t provided a working phone number that is able to accept voicemail, please call and leave that number with our staff.

Powers Law does not expect any interruption in this firm’s ability to provide effective representation during these trying times. We are working hard to minimize any disruptions and remain committed to providing the best services for our clients and protecting the rights of those who have trusted us to do so.

Please stay safe and healthy and thank you for trusting us.


John T. Powers, Esq.

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