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The Four Types Of Recurring Medical Malpractice Cases That Result In Claims

Everyone visits a hospital or seeks a doctor to either check their health, treat a condition they may have, or to heal an injury that they have endured, but often times, the patient seeking medical care will leave the hospital worst off than when they went in the first place. Filing a medical malpractice claim is something that can protect the patient from having to pay for all the damages caused by the facility or medical professionals negligence. Seeking a Miami Medical malpractice attorney after enduring an injury from a medical malpractice mistake should be sought. These are the following most common claims made:

  1. Misdiagnosis/Failure to diagnose: Misdiagnosing occurs when either the condition is not detected, or the incorrect diagnosis is given. This can result in no treatment or the wrong treatment to be given to the patient. Many conditions can have similar symptoms, which is why a doctor needs to be aware and perform the standard of care to ensure that no improper treatment is given that can make the patient’s condition worse. Misdiagnosis is found to be more closely associated with the following cases:
  • Not diagnosing cancer
  • Diagnosing a less serious condition as a chronic one, and vice-versa
  • Not placing the potential medical problems that could be from the symptoms of the patient
  • Not properly conducting or misinterpreting a test result
  • Not noticing an urgent medical problem
  1. Medication Mistakes: Medication that is prescribed by a doctor is almost always not available over the counter because it does not have the same potent effects that an over the counter prescription has. Not properly giving the correct medication and the dosage can cause disastrous results. These medication errors have been found to be the most common:
  • Not giving the correct dosage amount
  • Not administering the correct dosage amount
  • Malfunction of the equipment that administers the drug
  • Not giving the correct medication
  • Not correctly administering the medication
  1. Not treating a condition: If the standard of care is not sought by the doctors and they fail to treat a condition they can be sued for negligence. The following elements are instances when a failure to treat can occur:
  • Not enough medical staff
  • Medical staff that is overworked
  • Early discharge of a patient
  • Not referring a patient to a specialist
  • Not following-up with the patient
  • Not taking into account symptoms that are not worth treating, minor, or temporary
  1. Operation Mistakes: Any operation that a person undergoes come with its risks. Most hospitals require that the patient signs a consent form stating how they are aware of the risks that can arise from their operation, known as an “informed consent”. Although many patients may believe that they cannot do anything if they endured a medical malpractice after signing the consent form, mistakes performed that could have been prevented are not covered by this form. These are the following preventable operation mistakes that most commonly occur:
  • Not operating on the correct patient
  • Cutting another organ or nerve and leaving it injured
  • Not operating on the correct body part
  • Not doing the incision in the right location
  • Leaving a surgical instrument inside the body of a patient

Medical Malpractice Miami Personal Injury Litigators

Any medical malpractice mistake can lead to devasting consequences for a patient. A victim should not have to face this hardship alone. They need to seek the assistance of a Miami personal injury lawyer who will assist them in slowly restoring their life back to normal, or at least try to. Contact one of the compassionate and professional Miami medical malpractice lawyers at Percy Martinez Law firm.

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