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What Are The Six Types Of Elderly Abuse?

Aside from children, the elder population is the most vulnerable in our society. The elderly are entitled to respect, appropriate care, and dignity for the remainder of their lives. Unfortunately, many elderly people are often mistreated and even abused to the point of inflicting harm, and even being the cause of their death. Not only is elder abuse present, it often goes unreported, making the numbers of abused elders unmatched to the actual occurrences.

Elder abuse is not only imposed physically, it can be inflicted in various ways and by many different people. While elder abuse is known, it is often hard to detect, which is why the vast majority of cases go unreported. Nursing home abuse attorneys work at making these parties legally accountable for their actions and ensuring that they do not commit these neglectful and abusive acts again.

Elderly Abuse in Various Forms

Here are the various forms of abuse that can be inflicted upon an elder person:

Neglect: Neglect accounts for more than half of all elder abuse cases that take place. Neglect can be unintentional as it can be intentional. It occurs when the caregiver does not fulfill their job duties to properly care for, treat, and maintain a safe environment for the elder person. Some examples of neglect include:

  • Poor hygiene
  • Dirty living space
  • Sudden weight loss

Physical: Physical abuse is an intentional act that inflicts physical harm to an individual. Some examples of physical abuse include:

  • Pushing
  • Hitting
  • Placing restraints

Emotional: Emotional abuse is often through verbal acts. Even though the elder person is not physically being injured, sometimes emotional abuse has a greater impact on an individual. Some examples of emotional abuse include:

  • Threatening or yelling at the elder person
  • Ridiculing or humiliating
  • Habitual Accusing

Psychological:  Psychological abuse is often manifested in a non-verbal way. Some examples of psychological abuse include:

  • Ignoring the needs and demands of the elderly person
  • Placing the elderly person in isolation

Scams: Elderly are prone to scams. They might not be aware of the different types of scams that are taking place and so they fall a victim of it. Some examples of scams include:

  • Having to pay money for a “prize” that they supposedly won
  • Charity calls

Frauds: Fraud is commonly known as financial abuse. Financial abuse can be done by employees within the facilities just like ti can be done by a family member. Some examples of fraud include:

  • Forging the elder person’s signature
  • Altering the elder person’s will
  • Stealing the elder’s identity
  • Using the elder’s money and credit cards

Elderly Abuse Is Manifested in Numerous Ways; We Fight For Those Victims

The personal injury lawyers have handled many cases involving different forms of elderly abuse. Most people have the misconception that abuse is only through physical means, but abuse can present itself in more ways than one. Vulnerable adults should be able to live the time they have left in tranquility and love, not in fear and in pain. We will recover every last bit of what the victim will be entitled to.

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