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How to Look for a Sex Crimes Attorney

It is really traumatic to know you are charged with a sex crime. Among people arrested for such crimes, 95% of them are first time offenses. You may think that you have to cooperate with police officers in order to avoid arrest at a county jail. But, the first thing you have to do is to look for a Suffolk County sex crimes attorney. If you can’t take the following steps on your own, ask a close family member or friend to help you.

Refrain from making statements about the investigation – even among your family or closest of friends. It might be tempting to talk about your case and look for empathy but remember that the more you say things, the more likely it is to weaken major facts for the case. Wait until you have a lawyer to represent you.

Look for someone who specializes in sex crimes. Never hire a lawyer who declares to be an expert at most crimes. Sex crimes are complex and will need Suffolk County sex crimes attorney who are well-versed with the laws.

Obtain referrals. If you already have a lawyer on retainer for other reasons, ask them for a referral. Remember not to tell the whole story or who is the person accusing you. State calmly that you are being charged for a sex crime and that you require legal representation that practices in the part of the law.

Assess carefully the law firm’s website. You have to use your own judgment when deciding which firms to contact. Although you are feeling nervous, refrain from calling the very first firm that you obtain from an internet search. You should consider looking at the number of cases they have handled that are under sex crimes. Try to see when was the last time their website was updated?

Contact the firm to set-up a consultation. When you have a list of at least 3 attorneys, make a call and schedule a consultation. Most offices have answering services and should be able to return your call as soon as possible. If you are already in detention, have a trusted person select a lawyer to come to jail and help you with bail. This doesn’t mean that you will hire this lawyer to work for the rest of the case. The lawyer will probably charge an hourly rate for the bail contract and won’t demand a retainer at the court.

First impressions matter. When meeting the lawyer for the first consultation, obey your gut feel. Are you impressed with his confidence, tone and convincing skills? When you have questions, do they have a ready answer? Can they provide you with references?

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