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Finding The Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Being in a motorcycle accident is a terrifying experience. This is a pivotal time in your life, one when you need the help of a skilled attorney who can help you gain the compensation you are owed for injuries, lost income and other damages. After all, you will be facing medical bills, missed work, pain and suffering, property damage and other costs, if you are not already stressed by these expenses.

To ensure you receive the full amount you are owed through motorcycle accident insurance settlement or a court decision, you need highly qualified and skilled help. Your lawyer must have a reputation for success in these particular types of cases, as well as a vast knowledge of the motorcycle laws of your state. Through representation of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer you can trust, you will benefit far more than if you get help from a general attorney or an inexperienced one.

Things You Should Seek in a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

  • Motorcycle accident trial experience, particularly with injuries, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages won
  • Strong reputation on Yelp, Avvo and in the community
  • Specialization in personal injury and motorcycle accidents
  • Organization in their handling of their cases, as evidenced through a clear path for your case and discussed in your initial consultation
  • Transparency in your case matters and expectations, without grand promises of definite wins or financial guarantees

Things You Should Avoid in a Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Negative communication or absence of enough information to help you understand your case
  • Secrecy in matters that are important for your case or issues you should have input in
  • Lack of time to talk about your case, take your calls or answer your questions
  • Disorganization, missed appointments, or chaotic representation in case meetings with the defense
  • General scam artistry or seeming too “slick”

Early in your case you may see that your original attorney is not working out. If this is true, you can consider firing them under “case distress.” Justification of case distress includes:

  • Lengthy and unclear timeline of expectations for your case without clear resolution in sight
  • Excessive surprises, challenges or failures in your case
  • Poor communication that fails you or your need to know what is going on

Long-Term Outcomes after Motorcycle Accidents

Your motorcycle accident may not just affect your life right now. You may have suffered injureis that can cause long-term problems. These problems may be physical, financial, psychological, occupational or social. The most common injuries in motorcycle accidents, those of the head, neck and back, are also the ones that cause the greatest problems for accident victims for the long-term. These types of injuries can affect your work, ability to earn a living, mobility, lifestyle, relationships and other facets of your daily life after the accident.

Long term care is often necessary for victims of motorcycle accidents. When spinal or head trauma occurs in the wreck, this is particularly true. These types of injuries also necessitate multiple visits to doctors, lengthy hospital stays, treatment for extended periods, rehabilitation and even in-home nursing care. Victims’ lives are permanently changed by these types of injuries and the course of their entire family’s lives may be changed as well.

When a motorcyclist is partially at fault for his or her own accident, they may still not be able to gain recovery for their damages unless a highly skilled personal injury lawyer is representing them against the defense. When the victim has no fault in their collision, not having an attorney still puts them at significant risk for being taken advantage of by the insurance company. Adjusters representing the insurance company work very hard to underpay victims whenever possible. If you are unaware of how much you are truly owed and do not have a lawyer, you will be pressed to sign a settlement agreement that seems positive at face value. Sadly, these agreements often underpay accident victims and they only find out as their injuries cost them more and more over many years. More often than not, even minor motorcycle accident injuries cost the victim money for many years, if not a lifetime.

Motorcycle Accident Liability

The most important consideration in determination of motorcycle accident liability is the law of negligence and how it relates to that individual accident. The negligent party is the driver acting without care in your collision. That negligent driver may be held liable for this negligence, particularly toward your damages and their own accident costs.

Your Claim Is in Good Hands with a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are many lawyers who take personal injury and accident cases in Arizona. But you need a specialized motorcycle accident lawyer, one with years of experience in these types of cases. Your lawyer should have a reputation for success against insurance companies, winning cases or achieving positive settlements for their clients.

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