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What to do When You Are involved in Bus Accident

When you’re involved in a car accident, your first instinct might be to call your insurance company or a roadside assistance firm. However, it would be best to consider consulting a Los Angeles bus accident lawyer as well. Los Angeles bus accident lawyers know exactly what they’re doing, and they can help secure the best possible results following your accident. If you’ve been involved in a Los Angeles bus accident, it’s vital that you understand what you can expect from your case and how to get the best results possible. Understanding the following will help you to get the best… Read More

Which Estate Agent Listing Should You Use in Selling Your House?

One of the first steps in selling your house is selecting the right real estate agent. Once you’ve found the right agent, you need to decide on what mandate or listing agreement to enter into with your estate agent. Deciding on the type of listing agreement is a significant decision in your home selling process. What is a listing agreement? A listing agreement is a legal contract between you and your real estate agent that gives the agent the right to sell your house. It will set out all the terms of what the agent can do to market and… Read More

Securities Fraud 101

“Securities” is the general category that stocks and bonds fall under. So, securities fraud ends up being charged any time someone is accused of committing fraud that relates to stocks or bonds. This often happens when someone makes a misleading or outright false claim about the value of a company in order to convince someone to make a financial decision based on that false information. There are federal and state laws relating to securities fraud, and since the cases often cause people to lose significant amounts of money, it can lead to civil cases on top of the criminal charges.… Read More